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Xeno Crisis

Xeno Crisis is an arena shooter in which up to two players take control of battle-hardened marines embarking on a deadly mission to confront an alien menace! Run and gun your way through thousands of adversaries, searching for survivors, and ultimately facing the origin of the outpost's demise.

Sega Mega Drive / Sega Dreamcast / Neo Geo AES / Neo Geo CD / Super Nintendo / Nintendo 64 / Nintendo GameCube / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation Vita / Xbox One / PC / Evercade

Nintendo Life

"Xeno Crisis feels like a lost classic from a bygone era of gaming – a brilliant twin-stick arena shooter which wears its influences on its blood-drenched sleeve. The stern challenge may prove to be off-putting for casual players, but it rewards dedication with some of the most intense and addictive blasting action you can find in the genre."
"A top-down shooting game that takes elements from different classics to build a fantastic retro experience."
"Xeno Crisis is a fresh take on an aged genre, with plenty of homages to what helped birth this insane run-and-gun."
"Xeno Crisis has been a breath of fresh air in a crowded market of indie games harking back to the glory days of pixel perfection."
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