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88 Heroes

88 Heroes is a chaotic 2D platformer that is as fun to watch as it is to play, where each level completed or untimely death brings a new uniquely skilled hero into the action. With just 88 minutes to complete all 88 levels, you’ll need every one of the 88 heroes to stop the dastardly Dr. H8 destroying the Earth! Are you up to the challenge?

PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PC

Hardcore Gamer

"88 Heroes is an excellent 2D platformer that makes great use of a unique premise to make it infinitely replayable."
"88 Heroes pushes all the right buttons to scratch that 2D platforming itch!"
"88 Heroes is an extremely fun platformer that gives players the freedom to play the game how they want to play it."
"88 Heroes is a highly addictive and very funny game."
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